Pacific Northwest Cedar 'Eagle in Flight' Native American Flutes

Pacific Northwest Cedar 'Eagle in Flight' Native American Flutes

Collectible Pacific Northwest Cedar Native American Flutes - handcrafted ​by traditional flute maker and artist, Charles Littleleaf, of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Central Oregon, USA

Flute Details:


  • Warm, rich, haunting tones
  • Superior comfort in playing / handling
  • Flute crafted from Pacific Northwest Cedar
  • Flute body inlay: Mother of Pearl, Blue Lapis, Turquoise
  • Eagle in Flight block: Maple Burl with Mother of Pearl and Blue Lapis inlay
  • Purchase includes Sunburst Flute & Wood Polishing Kit
  • Flute lengths vary from 23 inches to 31 inches, depending on range/key
  • Flutes are signed, keyed and dated by the artist


Mother Earth is Charles’ guide and his playable art is living testament to this. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual enlightenment of others through his wisdom, his music and through his Native American flute creations that we are happy to make available for your enjoyment.

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