Commissions, Returns, Refunds, Cancellations, Disputes & Chargebacks

Please note: These terms are subject to change without notice, so please revisit from time to time for updates.

Commissioned Art:

We appreciate your interest in Charles' work in Native American flutes and thank you for your patronage. We provide an approximate completion timeline on all commissioned pieces with Charles, which visitors will find on each of our product pages. Charles does his best to meet these timelines and will typically ship within the expected shipping dates. However, please understand prior to commissioning Charles for your project that these dates could be subject to change without notice, due to unexpected situations arising in his shop or due to an unavoidable private/personal matter which could delay his progress in work for a short time.

Changes to shipping times very seldom happen yet we need to be clear that, should you be interested in a flute from Charles, you must allow some him some flexibility to complete the project, should he require additional time. Also, if your project is being ordered as a gift and is expected by a certain date, please contact us through email with that expected date and we will reply quickly with a confirmation; in 24 hrs or less.


Returns, exchanges and refunds are accepted at the Littleleaf Flute Store and we must be contacted in advance on this matter, so that we can relay to you how to proceed. Failure to contact us ahead of time will terminate refund or exchange opportunities so it is important to reach out of us as soon as possible. Considered at our discretion, refunds will be granted on customers’ original purchase price of item(s), minus original shipping fees if applicable. Returning a Native American flute for either a refund or an exchange must be insured, and a tracking number must be provided to us on the returning package or a refund will not be available. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and insurance fees. 

Flute Project Cancellations: Customers have 3 days from their commissioned purchase date to cancel their flute order. Once orders are placed, Charles begins on them the same day or next business day. All flutes ordered are crafted for the original customer and are never resold, therefore, due to the loss that will affect Charles on a project already in process, he is entitled to 50% of customers' purchase price if cancelled after 3 days from date of order. No exceptions.


If you have an issue with one of our products or service from our store, including issues you may have on your commissioned project from Charles, and you are considering opening a dispute through Paypal or with your bank, it is very important to notify us via email or by phone of your intent, to first allow us the opportunity to make things right. If customer files a dispute or chargeback and does not make contact with us ahead of their filing, Charles will be entitled to 50% of customers’ purchase price, even if his completion date has been extended. Please note that our terms here on disputes and chargebacks must be clearly understood before commissioning a flute. Charles cannot afford to take a loss in work already started so the above must be fully understood before making your purchase.

When you have decided on your flute project and will be placing your order for a Native American flute, or for any of our products, your purchase will be your confirmation that you understand and accept our Terms of Service. This includes purchases made by phone, through email, Messenger, money orders, checks, money grams, Western Union, or by any other means when corresponding with us.

If you have questions regarding our Terms of Service, please feel free to 
contact us at your convenience. 

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